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Welcome to Medicap Pharmacy

Our dedicated team of pharmacy staff is excited to serve your healthcare needs.

The Medicap Pharmacy in Meridian is locally owned and operated by pharmacist Devin Trone, Pharm.D, and his father Alvin Trone. They opened their doors June 13, 2005.  Devin has enjoyed the practice of pharmacy and helping the public so much that he was bitten by the entrepreneur bug and decided to open his own pharmacy. 

“I have a strong desire to help people and serve the public.  It makes me happy when I am able to provide medication and health advice to my customers and guests and they can leave my pharmacy pleased and better off.”….Devin Trone, Pharm.D

Not only is Meridian’s Medicap Pharmacy a traditional community pharmacy, able to fill just about any prescription and bill almost all insurance plans, but they also have developed a state of the art compounding lab, where they can customize, mix and make medication from scratch. Medicap Pharmacy can compound anything from bio-identical hormones and pain gels, to pediatric suspensions and more.

“When it comes to pharmacy, we can do just about everything.”…Devin Trone, Pharm.D

What our customers say about Medicap in Meridian:

"I have been having all my scripts filled at Medicap. Since I moved here in 07. I have no complaints. Always good service, and free delivery is an option."

Devin Trone,


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