Custom Med Packs & Blister Packs

Make it safe, convenient and easy to manage and take medication.

Medications are synchronized to fill all at once into the Custom Med pack, otherwise known as Medisets or weekly blister packs.  All morning, noon, evening/dinner, and bedtime medications are assembled into one bubble/cup to be taken according to time desired.  The packs are filled in 7 days sheets in cycles of 28 days.  The Custom Med Packs are then picked up or delivered in 1 week 2 week and 4 week increments as requested by practitioners, care givers, and patients.

This system is super to assist and help anyone:

  1. Having difficulty managing their medications.
  2. Has multiple medications
  3. Has multiple doses during the day
  4. Allows a family or care giver to monitor medication compliance

Other benefits:

  1. Can accommodate over the counter (OTC) medications and nutritional supplements in addition to the Rx medications
  2. May allow a senior or aging parent to continue their independence in their own home
  3. May allow for a special needs person to have more independence
  4. Can give family or care giver more peace of mind that their loved one is taking their medication correctly
  5. Has tear off cups that allow one to take a dose and up to several days worth of medication without having to take the whole Custom Med pack for short trips away from home
  6. Saves patient, family, or care giver time from having to set up meds

Blister Packs are also know, as bingo cards and calendar cards.

Medications are synchronized and filled in a 28 to 31 day cycles. Each Rx is prepared into its own blister pack/card and taken as directed per the prescription.  Each dose is punched out of the blister according to the calendar.  This form of dispensing may be required by Government Agencies like State Medicaid special needs patients, or residents in assisted living homes, nursing homes and certified family homes.

The same assistance and benefits apply to the Blister Packs as the Custom Med Packs (see above).