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about us!

Medicap Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy, proud to serve Idaho & Oregon since 2005! We now have 6 locations to better serve you. Our full-service pharmacy offers a variety of services such as complimentary med-packing, immunizations, compound medications, specialty medications, & Mail/Delivery upon request. Call or visit us today!

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Prescription Drugs

We make transferring your prescriptions EASY! Give us a call & we'll take it from there!

Herbal Pills

Now offering Pharmacy Medical Appointments!

Pharmacy Medical is a new service we are offering where an individual has the opportunity to meet with one of our clinical pharmacists regarding their health & wellness for any of the following:

  • Hormones

  • Auto-immune conditions

  • Adrenal issues (stress)

  • Weight loss & Coaching

  • Immune support

  • Gut health

  • Other functional medicine needs

Our clinical pharmacists work in partnership with your practitioners to enhance and broaden the level of care for our patients.  In conjunction with our consulting services, our pharmacists can order and interpret labs, including:

  • Saliva

  • Urine

  • Blood

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Simplify your life! Let us help make your medication routine easier!
We can sync & refill your maintenance meds together each fill to make taking, and picking up your meds, easier
& offer a variety of packing options for your convenience!

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