CPAP Equipment & Accessories

Are you looking to be fitted for CPAP equipment or want to purchase any accessories? Our Medicap Pharmacy team is happy to help! We have a great team here that can provide:

  • On-Site & Home Fittings

  • RPSGT On-Site

  • Cutting Edge Sleep Technology

  • Competitive Pricing

We will provide you with all the information you are looking for, help you find the best equipment for your needs, and will even follow-up to make sure you are satisfied and comfortable using your CPAP equipment.

Meet Our CPAP Team


Sleep Technician


Respiratory Therapist


Customer Service Representative


CPAP Manager


Sleep Technician

Easily Sanitize Your CPAP Equipment & Household Items!

Sanitize your household items*, CPAP masks & accessories, and N95 or general face masks with the Lumin Multi-Purpose UV Sanitizer without chemicals, water, or harmful ozone!

  • Quick & Easy 5 Minute Cleaning

  • User-Friendly & Maintenance FREE

  • Affordable - Cost 50% Less Than Other Brands

  • Uses UV-C Light - No Water, Chemicals or Ozone

*Compass Health has source claims on file.

Items We Carry

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  • CPAP Machines - All Major Brands

  • Bilevel/Bilevel with Backup

  • Auto SV/Adaptive SV

  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Nasal Moisturizers for CPAP and Oxygen Users

  • Other Medical Supplies Services and Sources

Check Your Supplies Regularly For Optimal Performance!

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