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What is compounding?

Compounding is the process of making medications from scratch specifically for your needs. 


Custom Flavoring

We offer a variety of flavors for various orally taken compounds. Don't hesitate to ask about flavoring options regarding your medications!

Clean Ingredients &Dye Free Options!

With compounding you can say goodbye to the dye! With commercially available medications, there are sometimes added dyes or fillers that contribute to the medication not working best for you. Here at Medicap Pharmacy we carry ONLY high-quality, clean ingredients in our compound lab and always offer dye-free upon request! 


Compound Varieties

Medications can be compounded into a variety of different forms. Whether you need liquids, capsules, rapid-dissolve tablets, troches, topical ointments or creams, suppositories, or rectal rockets, we can do it!

Compounded Vet Meds

We compound medications for you & your pets! We know giving medications to your furry friends can be a challenge. Depending on the medications, we offer multiple oral medication forms as well as transdermal topical options! We even carry flavoring options just for them!

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