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simplify my meds

Simplify my meds is a FREE program we offer to make taking your medications easier! We offer multiple packaging options, complimentary mail/delivery, and automatically fill each of your maintenance medications each month.

How it works

Quality Time

Joining our Simplify Program is FREE & EASY. If you are not currently filling with us, all you have to do is call! Let us know where your prescriptions are currently located, and we will get them transferred and, if needed, contact your provider for new prescriptions. Once complete, we will cross check with you that we have received all of your updated prescriptions. From there we sync all of your maintenance medications and package them in a way that suites your needs best. Your medications will automatically be filled each month. We will also check with you before each fill to see if you need any of your "as needed" medications. By enrolling in our Simplify Program you also become eligible for FREE mail/delivery. Call to join today!

Packaging Options

We offer a variety of packing options to make taking your medications easier! We offer bottle, blister, and Dispill medi-set packaging. 

dispill 57035.jpg

Facilitlies and Group Homes

We are happy to help in assisting you care for your patients! We can sync each of your patients prescriptions together to be filled monthly. We also offer free mail/delivery for your ease and convenience. 

Long Acting Injections

At Medicap Pharmacy, we are able to administer your long acting injections, or deliver them to your designated caregivers office, each time they are due. We work with you and your provider to make sure we automatically fill them each time they are due as well.

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